ReCity - Exhibition in Basel

10 - 2012

Since 2010, Schauraum-b has carried out 3 exhibitions with accompanying series of events: 'Sehen-sehen' faced drawings by the Norvergian Mette Stausland photographs by Werner Blaser and showed different types of perception of spaces and seeing. 'VeloCity' did address the bicycle transportation as an individual in relation to urban development and architecture (lectures by J. Gehl, B. Ingels, R. Horden). 'DensCity' was based on various aspects of urban density places in the world from different points and perspectives (lectures by R. Mehrotra, V. Lampugnani, R. Burdett).

Starting at the end of October 2012 exhibition called ReCity 'consume and behavior shape our space, life and the city' has opened. This year exhibitions and lectures deals with the relationship between our consumption patterns and the shape of our environment and the impact on our space, architecture and cities. 

“The schauraum-b organization – organized and developed by Blaser architects - is a remarkable attempt to go behind of an architectural practice to carry out research and explore new ways of doing things” says Federico Parolotto, Senior Partner at MIC.


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