Moscow Garden Ring Renovation

The Garden Ring has been included in the “My Street” program launched by Moscow Government, which will focus to requalify and renovate streets making them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. As part of the program in the 2016-2018 biennium, innovative solutions considering both qualitative and quantitative aspects, such as the capacity of the right of way, the potential of the street-scape design, the attitude to host a surface public transport system and the spatial configuration of the intersections with the side streets are expected, especially considering the current congested and degraded conditions.

The ring road has been divided into 21 stretches that have been considered separately in detail and as a whole at the larger scale.

Our Contribution:

MIC supported the project team in the development of the road design and streetscape of the entire Garden Ring, focusing on two activities. The first part consist of an analytic study of the current situation such as land use and points of attraction, urban public transport network (including passenger data), soft mobility network and flows, traffic scheme and flows, that lead to the identification of the critical issues.

The second part consist of the development of the project layout of the whole Garden Ring oriented towards a more pedestrian and bicycle environment, increasing at grade connectivity and reducing the road sections subsequently to a reduction of the private traffic flows in favour of the enhancement of the public transport system.

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Moscow, Garden Ring

Main expertise: Road Design & Streetscape

Other expertise: Pedestrian & Cycle Studies, Urban & Regional Transport Planning

Sectors: Public Transport Infrastructure

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Client: Moscow Department of Transportation