Arusha Safari City

The Safari City is a new city planned on the foot of the Mount Meru in Arusha province. The site is close to some of the most attractive natural area of the world such as the Kilimanjaro national park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The uncontrolled sprawl of the recent decades has made it necessary planning a new dense and mixed use centre. The Tanzania National Housing Corporation aim is to create a new pole with high quality services for residents and an attractive gateway for the visitors of the region.

Our Contribution:

MIC together with the rest of the design team has developed a Master Plan in 2 phases with the aim of capitalizing the exceptional characteristics of the site both in term of landscape and human activities.

The main concern was to develop a plan with high standards of accessibility and circulation for private vehicles and public transit but still promoting walking mode that, due to the low level of car ownership in the region , is currently the most used way to move in the city.

Main expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy

Other expertise: Road Design & Streetscape


Year: 2012

Status: Completed

Client: National Housing Corporation