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MIC has worked on more than 400 projects over the last 7 years, expanding the range of its services and diversifying the contexts in which the company operates.

Mobility and accessibility requirements change significantly in relation to the development in question but we wish to highlight our ability to face diverse challenges and address a huge variety of customers.

Whether you are a Real Estate Developer, a Public Body/Administration or a Private Consulting Firm, select what you are most interested in and enjoy browsing through MIC’s project directory.

The directory is divided by typology to ensure you find exactly what you need and help you make the right investment choices.

  • Airports & Airports Cities

    Airports are strategic infrastructure, as well as very complex machines. MIC has worked on several major airports around the world, focusing mostly on the airport land side, looking at the wide area (how an airport can connect to the territory) and at the land side configuration (road, rail and metro connectivity).

    MIC has worked on several airport cities on an Airport Master Plan scale, looking at the road network, public transport and station location, as well as the parking configuration and cargo area. MIC has also been involved in several agent-based micro modelling simulations within airport terminals in order to explore the best terminal configuration.

    Fiumicino International Airport, Terminal 3 Passengers' simulation - Credits: Il Sole 24 Ore

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  • Digital Mobility

    Transport and urban quality are strictly interrelated, the latter being a fundamental element of a liveable and human centred environment. As a fundamental part of its project approach, MIC promotes the implementation of innovative and alternative transport solutions that contribute to creating a new and better way of living the urban space.

    When considering mobility and transport, the strategy, systems and technology all have a role in providing traditional connectivity, but they can also create a totally new layer of communication, actually changing the way transport users perceive the space and therefore the travel experience.

    The continuous research and application of innovative solutions to solve different transport issues and provide a completely new level of efficiency and customization to mobility is one of the fundamental characteristics that has made MIC an internationally recognized firm, consultant to many well-known architectural firms and developers worldwide.

    AUFI 2015 Boston Projects - Credits: AUDI

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  • Hospitals

    Hospitals are complex buildings where complex activities take place, and where mobility – although a key component of the hospital operation – is sometimes inadequately evaluated.

    MIC has worked on hospital accessibility all over the world, from complex hospital districts to single large buildings.

    MIC’s activities focus on surface transport, pedestrian connectivity, car access and valet service, as well as parking layout, logistics and emergency access.

    PennFIRST Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Credits: Foster+Partners

    Works related to Hospitals

    Title Location Year
    Philadelphia 2015
    Portopiccolo 2012
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  • Masterplans

    MIC is specialized in providing technical support for the master planning team in all aspects relating to mobility:

    • the development of an integrated, multi-modal, and strategic approach to transportation planning;
    • the development of integrated strategies for heavy goods vehicles, public transit, and bicycle/pedestrian requirements;
    • the development of comprehensive parking strategies to define off-street and on-street parking requirements;
    • the creation of a balanced transportation strategy that includes accommodation of travel demand at an acceptable design level of service, as well as the provision of an integrated strategy for the public transportation system.

    Milano Santa Giulia Masterplan, Italy - Credits: Foster+Partners

    Works related to Masterplans

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  • Mixed-Use Buildings

    Mixed-use buildings are one of the most common developments of the last 10 years worldwide. MIC has extensive experience of mixed-use developments all over the world, varying in scale from Urban Infill to TOD - Transit Oriented Developments.

    Mixed-use developments require specific care since they are a complex part of cities – MIC has produced transport demand studies looking at the influence of the land use mix, transport demand, parking optimisation studies, access control studies and logistics and management studies.

    Porta Nuova Varesine, Italy - Credits: Porta Nuova Srl

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  • New Foundation Cities

    New foundation cities are probably the dream of every urban planner. To design a city from scratch, testing new urban paradigms, confronting the great examples of ancient cities, is clearly an extraordinary challenge. It is even more challenging from a mobility perspective. The need to balance traditional infrastructural solutions with long-term visions of innovative mobility makes this particular task an extraordinary foresight of a better urban future.

    MIC has extensive experience in new foundation cities and supports masterplanners in all aspects of mobility, dealing with traditional systems (public and private infrastructures, for example) as well as innovative and smart solutions. Our expertise also facilitates the masterplanners in defining the correct land use mix and density, thanks to our advanced scientific approach to accessibility analysis and the Transit Oriented Development application.

    KACare King Abdullah City, Saudi Arabia - Credits: Foster+Partners

    Works related to New Foundation Cities

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  • Office Business Parks

    Delivering appropriate and sustainable accessibility to Office and Business Parks is very important for the marketability of developments across all scales of development.

    There is a lot more to accessibility than just making room for car-parking requirements. Successful consultancy addresses the entire journey that future employees will make from end to end in order to prepare spot-on, contemporary and context fitting solutions that ensure easy access to developments. Sustainability is not only an environmental concept; it has much to do with mobility, too.

    Have you ever considered saving 50% of the capital cost of your parking structure by simply delivering half the parking provision you thought necessary? We can support your case and demonstrate that what suits your development is also the right thing for your community. Less parking means less traffic and more liveable space.

    The services that we provide to our clients range from strategic advisory to quantitative performance assessments, travel demand management and behavioural analysis, from parking design to traffic engineering design. Our unique skills in pedestrian modelling also enable footfall analysis and tailored public realm design.

    Communication Village, Moscow - Credits: Piotr Krajewski -

    Works related to Office Business Parks

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  • Public Realm

    The design of streetscapes and public spaces is, in many cases, the direct consequence of the planning process. Starting from the belief that the design of streets in urban environments must be more than just an engineering exercise, MIC looks at streetscapes using a holistic approach that considers all components of urban mobility flows.

    From feasibility studies to detailed design and construction documents, MIC has all the capabilities for handling complex public realm schemes. From single nodes, like public squares, to complex series of streets and open spaces, MIC is providing world-class design solutions for a safe and rich environment. MIC also has considerable experience of working in close synergy with landscape designers and utilities consultants, achieving excellent results.

    White city masterplan, Moscow - Credits: MIC

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  • Public Transport Infrastructure

    Starting from a general understanding of the broader framework, Mobility In Chain proposes strategies crafted for each specific context. Supported by modelling tools, we carefully study the urban transport environment to make an informed decision on aligning and locating metro lines and stations. In this field, MIC’s advantage is its holistic approach that derives from a clear understanding of how the public transport network works as a whole.

    Our competence has developed working on wide scale and masterplan scale projects where the estimation of trip generation associated to land use or significant urban redevelopment becomes a key element in infrastructure definition.

    Marginal da Corimba road corridor, Luanda - Credits: Broadway Malyan - Urbinveste

    Works related to Public Transport Infrastructure

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  • Retail

    MIC has extensive experience of working on large retail development projects, delivering a unique service based on the synergy of a number-based approach and simulation tools, and a sustainable vision of mobility.

    We have a user-focused approach to access, parking, and pedestrian and circulation systems, promoting a user-friendly environment and sustainability and bringing the project to the maximum of its potential. MIC delivers handcrafted solutions for each specific project; that is why we work with the best people in the field, maintaining long term collaborations with architects like Foster & Partners, O.M.A, SOM, KPF, and Sasaki Associates, and developers like Westfield, Hines, Ikea, Emaar, Codic International, and Mega.

    Westfield Mall, Milan - Credits: Westfield Corporation

    Works related to Retail

    Title Location Year
    Pomezia 2015
    Segrate 2013
    Istanbul 2009
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  • Road Infrastructure

    MIC can provide initial feasibility studies and preliminary design through to scheme and construction design of roads in diverse contexts. The development of road design at MIC is one part of a holistic process to ensure the consistency between planning and design.

    MIC has the experience and human capital to deliver a solution to a transport problem from inception through to the final scheme selection and its design. Our planning and design consultancy work has been delivered to a variety of clients in diverse parts of the world, where often aspects of design are not covered by national codes. In these cases, we are able to apply our expertise and serve our clients’ best interests.

    Marginal da Corimba, Luanda - Credits: MIC

    Works related to Road Infrastructure

    Title Location Year
    Adelaide 2015
    Luanda 2013
    Luanda 2013
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  • Special Attractors

    Mobility for special attractors and events is extraordinarily important. Special attractors generate vast amounts of people in a very limited time and, for this reason, they cannot be handled by the normal transport infrastructure.

    Hence, MIC has often been involved in event related studies, looking extensively, for instance, at Milan Expo where MIC performed several pedestrian studies for a number of pavilions. Through various modelling software and a clear understanding of the needs of special attractors, MIC can deliver strong support to any public body or institution looking at how to manage special attractors and events.

    VDNKn, Moscow - Credits: Alexey Nedezhin

    Works related to Special Attractors

    Title Location Year
    Moscow 2014
    Moscow 2013
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  • Tourism

    Hospitality and tourism development represent great challenges in mobility planning. Accessibility is key to any kind of development; however, it is even more central and strategic when we talk about hospitality. A successful access strategy makes the development attractive to all manner of tourists; conversely, a destination that is difficult to reach and problematic to explore instantly becomes a place people will avoid visiting. For this reason, especially in wide scale hospitality, the accessibility strategy is fundamental.

    Our approach is based on the need to create user 'choices', offering alternatives to the private car through innovative and sustainable solutions. A correct parking strategy is fundamental for achieving a balanced strategy, as well as creating alternative means of soft mobility to enlarge the walking distance, which is often restricted to a minimum in places where weather conditions are harsh. A blend of transport solutions and great public spaces is the ultimate aim of our activities.

    Sahl Hasceesh International Resort, Egypt - Credits:

    Works related to Tourism

    Title Location Year
    Alexandria 2016
    Istra, Moscow Region 2015
    Portopiccolo 2012
    Mata de Sesimbra 2011
    Sahl Hasheesh 2010
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  • Transit Nodes

    MIC’s expertise also extends to complex interchange hubs, which often envisage a retail component or other alternative land use. In this case, it is of paramount importance to unlock the potential of the surrounding land use with the double aim of capitalizing on the new facility’s potentials in terms of accessibility and footfalls.

    Usually acting as a big attractor or gateway, a transport hub requires special attention regarding its accessibility (in particular pedestrian flow), and the internal circulation and layout, as well as its relation and impact on the existing context.

    Qatar Railway Stations, Qatar - Credits: UNStudio

    Works related to Transit Nodes

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  • Transport Plans Studies

    While new technologies are rapidly changing the way people go about their business and big data suggests new ways of learning about people’s habits, (hence, travel behaviour), we must not forget that it still requires a significant amount of time to deploy real infrastructures to satisfy the increasing demand for mobility.

    While knowing facts about the present has become immediate, the deployment of infrastructures and the enforcement of policies can outlive the validity of the scenarios they were conceived for. In our view, this means that transport planning still requires a rigorous process and the application of methods that allow a correlation between travel choices for the profiling of society. This is the only way to create decision-making tools capable of accommodating the rapid changes of society and generate plans that are always contemporary and up-to-date.

    MIC has deployed several studies and plans for cities, provinces and regions in various countries and has proactively worked in multi-disciplinary teams as transport consultant. Over the past decade, MIC has developed strategies, policies and implementation plans to turn ideas into practical actions that administrations can enforce.

    Plano Director Geral de Luanda, Angola - Credits: Urbinveste

    Works related to Transport Plans Studies

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